Applications for the Academic Year 2023/2024 is Open Release date :: 2022-12-09

Dear all applicants,

Application for 2023/2024 academic year of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) is now open for students in all academic levels. Please pay attention to the relevant notice issued by China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and submit your application through the online registration system( China University of Petroleum (Beijing). No paper or email registration is accepted.

Application deadline:

Masters & Ph.D. Program: May 30th

Bachelor's Program: June 15th

Chinese Language Program: June 30th

Please visit our scholarship details page for the introduction of various scholarship programs and the deadline for registration(


Chinese government scholarship - national bilateral program (that is, the Chinese government scholarship, class A project by the Chinese embassy in your country or your country apply for related education department), can be in the online registration system of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) submit an application, to apply for the Chinese government scholarship class A project does not need to pay the application fee.

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